“Little Jesus” – CS#39

This delightful little Christmas song is ideal for performing with rhythm instruments. You will need three rhythm instruments. Ideas for these might include: a shaker, a tambourine or drum, sticks, bells, sandpaper blocks, coconut clappers, spoons, maracas, etc. These can be purchased fairly cheaply at toy stores or music stores, or you can make your own. Shakers can be made out of containers with lids… like Pringles containers or Tupperware bowls… filled with rice, beans or pebbles. Drums can be made out of pots or bowls. Sticks can be made out of wooden spoons or, well… sticks. Big jingle bells can be purchased at fabric stores and sewn to sturdy loops of cloth for a jingle bell percussion instrument.

Give an instrument to each of three children… your band!… who line up in the front of the room. If you have enough instruments for more children, they should still be just in three groups. Group 1 only plays during the first phrase (Fairest little Jesus child), Group 2 only during the second (Came to earth so meek and mild), Group 3 only during the third phrase (Came to earth to show the way) and all three groups join in for a rousing finish… “Praise we sing on Christmas Day!” The seated children can join in on that last phrase with hand clapping. Verse two would be done in similar fashion.

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