Knowing the history makes each arrangement a little more special.
Angie A. (Utah)

By the way, thank you so much for the power point flip chart for the Baptism Song. An answer to a prayer as I am scheduled so tightly this week, but needed/wanted a power point to teach the song this week…
Natalie M. (New Jersey)

I have loved your arrangements and would love the new “Called to Serve” arrangement just out. I look forward to receiving it!
Jeanette F. (Colorado)

I looked at the arrangement you did for this lovely song. It is beautiful, I cannot wait to sing it. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Shellie B. (Illinois)

What an excellent resource you have proven to be!
Peter S. (Ontario)

Your music arrangements are wonderful.
Jalair F. (Utah)

I’ve always been a fan! Love the idea of the music books and the name too!
Brooklyn E. (Alberta)

As a flute player, I love these additions; thanks!
Angie A. (Utah)

What a terrific set of practical, unique ideas to enhance our congregational singing! Ward choirs will benefit as well by being able to perform these inspirational hymns a whole new way with minimal rehearsal. Sign me up!
Teresa A. (Alberta)