Review with a “Twist”

Its’s that time of year!  Time to review all the songs you’ve been learning since January in preparation for the Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation.  Some of those songs the kids might know really well, and some… not so well.  Some they may be getting tired of.  This is a great way to put some new life into the whole process.

Use the spinner board from a game of “Twister” and make four corresponding construction paper circles – one blue, one yellow, one red and one green.  They can just be posted on the chalkboard or wall near the spinner board.  On the circles, write the names of each of the songs you are reviewing.  You could even make eight corresponding circles… for each color top and bottom!  There would then be two rows of each of the four colored circles.  The upper four would correspond to the upper four on the spinner board, and the lower four would correspond to the lower four on the spinner board.  A child is chosen to spin the spinner and then whichever song/color the spinner lands on is the one you sing!  Using all eight works out well for the eight songs you have to review.  Or you could focus on the four that need the most work.

Another variation of this game… if you just want to focus on one song… is to write in the circles different ways to sing the one song:  loud, soft, fast, slow, boys only, girls only, standing on one foot, while marching, a capella, etc.  A child spins the spinner and the song is sung according to the color it lands on.  A fun “twist” to this, that one of our Primary children suggested, is if the spinner lands between two circles you sing it BOTH ways:  e.g., fast while standing on one foot!




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