Prophets’ “Theme” Songs

Our song this month, “Stand for the Right,” is a short one, and one that the children learned just last year for the 2011 CSMP. So, important though it is, it shouldn’t require as much time to learn. “Stand for the Right” supports the theme of the month, “Living Prophets Teach Me to Choose the Right.” There are, of course, many other songs and activities which support this theme. Here is one of them:

Put the pictures of the Latter-day prophets face-down on a table… fanned out so that some of each picture is visible from the back. Let a child choose a picture. He says the name of the prophet, if he knows it, or gets help from the group. Then sing a song that is somehow associated with that prophet’s “theme.” Following are suggestions for each of the prophets.

Joseph Smith: “I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ” CS #77… he organized the Church in the latter days.
Brigham Young: “Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked” CS #214… he led the pioneers to the Salt Lake valley.
John Taylor: “A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief” hymnbook #29… he sang this to Joseph Smith shortly before Joseph was martyred. Could also use “I Will Be Valiant” CS #162, since he was know as a “defender of the faith.”
Wilford Woodruff: “I Hope They Call Me on a Mission” CS #169… he was a great missionary.
Lorenzo Snow: “I’m Glad to Pay a Tithing” CS #150 (top)… he re-emphasized the paying of tithes and offerings in the Church (could just sing the 2nd verse). Could also use “I Am a Child of God” CS #2, or “Families Can Be Together Forever” CS #188, since he taught much about the plan of salvation: “As man is, God once was. As God is, man may become.”
Joseph F. Smith: “Family Night” CS #195… he introduced Family Home Evening to the Church.
Heber J. Grant: “Dare to Do Right” CS #195… he was known for being determined in learning things, and practising hard till he could do them well. As a boy, he wasn’t very good at penmanship, throwing a ball, or singing, but he practised and practised until he became very accomplished at all three of these activities.
George Albert Smith: “Jesus Said Love Everone” CS #61… love was one of his favorite themes.
David O. McKay: “I Want to Be a Missionary Now” CS #168… he taught “Every member a missionary.”
Joseph Fielding Smith: “Search, Ponder and Pray” CS #109… he was a scholar of the Church and wrote many books of church doctrine.
Harold B. Lee: “A Young Man Prepared” CS #166 or “Love is Spoken Here” CS #190… he emphasized priesthood correlation.
Spencer W. Kimball: “The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden” CS #237… he taught us to plant gardens and keep our homes and yards neat and tidy.
Ezra Taft Benson: “Book of Mormon Stories” CS #118… he emphasized study of the Book of Mormon.
Howard W. Hunter: “I Love to See the Temple” CS #95… his theme was temple work.
Gordon B. Hinckley: “Go the Second Mile” CS #167… his theme was “Do it” and he also taught us to stand taller and try harder.
Thomas S. Monson: “When We’re Helping” CS #198… his life and works are a great example of service.


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