Organ Rear-View Mirror

This has got to be the handiest thing I’ve discovered in a long time! To the left is a picture of the clip-on rearview mirror that I purchased to use on this organ that I play in our ward. You can see the reflection in the mirror of the sacrament table behind the organ. I’ve had my mirror now for a couple of months and I love it!

A lot of our church buildings are set up with the design shown in my picture here, where the organist has her back to the sacrament table. It makes things very difficult for the organist to know when the priests have finished breaking the bread and, therefore, when she should stop her music. When I started in my current calling as ward organist, the music director would give me signs that meant “keep going,” “they’re done,” etc. but it was very confusing. The signs seemed to change from one week to the next, sometimes the music director forgot to give them, sometimes there was a substitute music director who didn’t know about the signs and I usually had to turn around and check what was happening several times myself. Not anymore though! I can easily see what point we are at in the sacrament preparations. I know exactly when the priests are almost finished and, therefore, when I should jump to the end of the sacrament hymn I’m playing and finish it off.

The mirror is not large and obvious. Most people don’t even notice it. A new counselor in our Bishopric kept turning and telling me when the priests were done for several weeks until I mentioned to him last Sunday that I have a mirror and can see them.

This mirror has a good strong clasp that I can snap securely to the roll-up cover. It is smooth plastic and not scratchy or damaging at all to the organ. I found it here on Amazon. (Amazon link)

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