Flipchart Printing Costs

Some of you have been wondering about how to submit receipts for the cost that is incurred in printing off flipcharts.  It can be costly to print off a lot of colour pages and the actual cost may be hard to determine when you are using a home printer that is also used for many other family projects.  Two ideas that I have heard of that seem very reasonable to me are to simply charge the price per page that it would cost to make colour copies at a print shop.  That would be approximately .30-.39 per page on regular weight paper.  Or you could download the pages you want to print off to a memory stick and take it in to a copy shop like Staples for printing… then you have an actual receipt to submit.  You could also email the pages to the copy shop and pick them up later… with the receipt.  That just makes it very clear what the cost is for reimbursement.  Getting the copies done on cardstock at a copy shop would probably be more like .50 per sheet but you’d have a really nice set of pictures.  You might want to just forget about getting reimbursed and keep them!

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