I Have a Family Tree CS199

This is a song I’ve always loved that also fits in with the theme of the month.  It has a perky beat and lends itself so well to actions.  Here’s how I usually do it:

Verse 1

I have a fam’ly tree (arms straight up)

With branches by the dozens (wave arms out to the sides and wiggle fingers).

I have grandpas, I have grandmas (use one hand to count with your fingers on the other hand).

I have uncles, aunts and cousins (continue counting on your fingers till you have counted out the 5 different groups).

Verse 2

When it’s reunion time (point to watch or calendar), No matter what the weather (wiggle fingers down, top to bottom, indicating rain),

It is such a happy day (put both pointer fingers at the middle of your lips and draw up and outward to indicate a smile – as you smile)

When the family (reach arms out to the sides) gets together (draw arms together in a big embrace).

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