The annual Bells on Temple Square concert has become so popular that this year, like last year, the tickets sold out the very first day.

It’s no wonder really.  “The ethereal sound, the fluid presentation, the exact timing, and the sheer beauty of the bells in concert is provided by 35 talented bell ringers playing 192 bells and 180 chimes of various sizes and pitches. LeAnna Willmore, director of the bell ensemble, has often associated the ringing of bells with happy thoughts. She says the sound is like ‘the announcement of the arrival of a friend ringing your doorbell, the holy ringing of church bells, the tinkling of sleigh bells.’ ” (Choir Notes, Nov. 15, 2013)

Help your Primary children become future Temple Square bell ringers by starting them early!  We sell Kindermusik 8-note and 13-note handbell sets.  We will soon be introducing our Handbell Harmonies series of handbell accompaniments for some favorite Primary music.  Watch for that coming in 2014!


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