The Star-Spangled Banner #340

The national anthem of the United States of America, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” has a remarkable and soul-stirring history.  It honours the flag that was a fighter too on that night that America became free.  I could tell you the story but I think the History Channel does a much better job in this short documentary.


Our Congregation Choir arrangements add a beautiful, alternate accompaniment to the original one found in the hymnbook.  This alternate accompaniment could be used with the organ part for a piano/organ duet accompaniment for the entire congregation or for a large choir.  It could also be used alone as a more embellished accompaniment for a solo singer or group, or just to enjoy as a piano solo.

In the music sample below, you will first hear just the organ doing the introduction.  The piano joins in on the first verse and then the vocal countermelody joins in for the second demonstration verse.  Purchase this arrangement here.

In the following sample, the countermelody is played by a flute.  Purchase this arrangement here.

God bless America!


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