Christ the Lord is Risen Today #200


This hymn, written by Charles Wesley (1707-1788) over 250 years ago, expresses the joy of the great miracle that was the resurrection.  Christ, though dead, was alive again.  Several of his friends saw him and great was their rejoicing.  He had risen, just as he said he would.

Charles Wesley was the youngest son and 18th… yes, you read that right… 18th!!… child of Samuel and Susanna Wesley.  He was a prolific hymn writer, having no less than 6500 (you read that right too… 6500!) hymn texts to his credit.  Many of them have survived to this day and are still in common usage in our meetings.  The original hymn text of this hymn, published in 1739, had no “Alleluia’s.” They were added to fit in with the chosen tune and seem extremely appropriate as a happy exclamation point to each line.

Congregation Choir Arrangements

Our Congregation Choir arrangements add a beautiful, alternate accompaniment to the original SATB found in the hymnbook.  This alternate accompaniment could be used with the SATB for a piano/organ duet accompaniment for the entire congregation or for  a large choir.  It could also be used alone as a more embellished accompaniment for a solo singer or group, or just to enjoy as a piano solo.

Listen to our arrangement below.  You will first hear just the organ doing the introduction.  The piano joins in on the first verse and then the countermelody (vocal in this instance) joins in for the second demonstration verse.

LISTEN to our arrangement of this hymn, with vocal countermelody in this sample.  PURCHASE it here.


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