Following Him MEDLEY (SA) – includes “Come, Follow Me” and “Lord, I Would Follow Thee”


$8.50 USD


Come, Follow Me + Lord, I Would Follow Thee MEDLEY –  joins the hymns “Come, Follow Me” (#116 Hymns) and “Lord, I Would Follow Thee” (#220 Hymns).  Written for SA voices with instrumental descant.

Text for “Come, Follow Me” – John Nicholson (1839-1909) (Public Domain)

Music for “Come, Follow Me” – Samuel McBurney, b. 1847 (Public Domain)

Text for “Lord, I Would Follow Thee” – Susan Evans McCloud, b. 1945

Music for “Lord, I Would Follow Thee” – K. Newell Dayley, b. 1939

©1985 IRI – Used with permission

Purchase our arrangement (©2019 CC) and you will receive:

10 copies of our arrangement for piano, flute and SA voices (or ST).

Click to enlarge the sample page to the left or DOWNLOAD the sample page here.

This medley is designed for two voices.  It is fairly long and the two singers alternate singing the two hymns, coming together at the end.  That isn’t clear on this mp3 sample since Jacqueline sings both parts, but you can see where they alternate on the music score.  A tenor voice could also take one of the parts singing it an octave lower… I think that would be really cool.

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