Abide with Me! LDS Hymns #166 – VIDEO



In this video, you will hear the organ alone doing the intro, with the enhanced piano accompaniment added on the first sample verse.  A violin countermelody is added on the second sample verse.

An English newspaper once described “Abide with Me!” as “the hymn of hymns” and credited it with healing power in its divine simplicity, inspired truthfulness and sincerity. It was written by Henry F. Lyte (1793-1847), a pastor in Brixham, England, for 24 years. During the last three years of his ministry, he was weakened by tuberculosis. One Sunday in 1847, he preached his last sermon, went home, and wrote this hymn. Three weeks later, he died.

Find our arrangements, with either vocal countermelody or instrumental countermelody, here.

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