Mother’s Day MEDLEY – includes “When We’re Helping” and “Mother Dear”


$5.00 USD


Mother’s Day MEDLEY –  joins the Primary songs “When We’re Helping” (p. 198 Children’s Songbook) and “Mother Dear” (p. 206 Children’s Songbook).

Text for “When We’re Helping” – Wallace F. Bennett, 1898-1993 (Public Domain)

Music for “When We’re Helping” – German folk song (Public Domain)

Text for “Mother Dear” – Maud Belnap Kimball, 1889-1971

Music for “Mother Dear” – Mildred Tanner Pettit, 1895-1977 (©1989 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc.)

Used with permission

Purchase our arrangement (©2019 CC) and you will receive:

  • 10 copies of our arrangement for piano and voices, and
  • 10 copies of the piano accompaniment practice track

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Mother’s Day Medley

In this medley, you will hear the first verse of “When We’re Helping,” followed by two verses of “Mother Dear,” followed by two fun-filled final tra-la-la verses of “When We’re Helping,” the last one being with the countermelody for voice or instrument.

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