June 2024 – Primary Package

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The three main suggested songs for Primary in June 2024 are:

Testimony #137

We’ll Bring the World His Truth, CS 172-73

Follow the Prophet, CS 110-11

We would like to help you make these songs as interesting and uplifting as possible for your Primary, so we are offering some of our fun arrangements of this music in the June 2024 Primary Package.

The June 2024 Primary Package contains:

  1. Testimony BUNDLE – 10 copies ($9.50 value)
  2. Testimony BOOKMARKS – 15 bookmarks, 3 different styles ($5 value)
  3. Father’s Day MEDLEY – includes “Daddy’s Homecoming” and “When We’re Helping” – 10 copies ($5.00 value)
  4. Help Me, Dear Father Reverent Rhythm Band Score – 20 copies ($5.00 value)

Our June 2024 Primary Package is a $24.50 value for only $8.50!

This particular package is available from now until the end of June 2024.  Watch for other surprise packages coming each month.

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