I Love to Pray, CS 25 – Partner Song BUNDLE

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I Love to Pray is found on page 25 in the Children’s Songbook of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Words: Moisell Renstrom, 1889-1956 – Public domain

Music: Moiselle Renstrom, 1889-1956 – Public domain

Our arrangement (©2019 CC) includes:

20 copies of version 1, which has two melodies.  The entire song is sung with the original melody, then the alternate melody.  Then the song is sung a third time with both melodies together.

20 copies of version 2 with separate melodies for verses 1 and 2, sung together at the end.

20 copies of the mp3 accompaniment for version 1

20 copies of the mp3 accompaniment for version 2


Click to enlarge the sample page in the photo gallery to the left or PRINT the sample page here.

The above example demonstrates version 1 of this song.  You will first hear the both verses in the original melody.  After a pretty interlude, you will hear the entire song again with our new, fun melody.  Then they are sung together!

The below sample shows version 2.  This one is considerably shorter.  The first verse is sung in the original melody, the second in the new melody and then they are sung together.