I Am a Child of God – Handbell BUNDLE


$9.50 USD


Our handbell arrangements provide chord harmonies – guitar style.  The children ring their bells from the three-note chord at the same time.  They can ring to the beat, to the rhythm, or just ring them!  This BUNDLE contains a zipped file which contains the following:

  1.  folder with the handbell chord charts (pdf pages for flipchart) in color as shown in the video (colors correspond to the KidsPlay brand of handbells).  These pages are great to use as the children are learning the handbell sequences.  You can move much slower with them than the video.  The video is lots of fun to use later when they have had the practice.
  2. folder with the handbell chord charts (pdf pages for pinning to the board or using in a flipchart) in black & white for you to color in according to your handbell colors if you do not have the KidsPlay brand of handbells.
  3.  M4v movie file with the words and and handbell chords coordinated with the music.  Download to your portable computer or a flash drive for use at home or church.

Check out the preview portion of our video below:

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