Come, Come, Ye Saints #30 LDS Hymns – VIDEO



William Clayton (1814-1879) wrote the words to this hymn. He was a member of the first company of Mormon pioneers to make the trek west to Utah. For two months, he worried about the health of his wife, Diantha, who had stayed behind in Nauvoo due to her pregnancy and poor health. When William finally heard of the safe arrival of their new son and Diantha’s recovery, he rejoiced and wrote this hymn.

Originally called “All is Well,” William Clayton’s new hymn eventually became known as “Come, Come, Ye Saints.” It quickly became popular among the Saints traveling west to Utah. There was a generally accepted custom in the pioneer companies that if anyone began singing this hymn, everyone else was to join in. Members then, as now, felt the spirit of pioneer devotion, strength and unity that this hymn conveys.

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