Because God Loves Me, CS 234


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Because God Loves Me is found on page 234 in the Children’s Songbook of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Words: Joleen Grant Meredith, b. 1935

Music: Joleen Grant Meredith, b. 1935

©1978 IRI. Used with permission.

Our arrangement (©2018 CC) includes:

Enhanced piano accompaniment – which can be used for fun, fullness and variety instead of the regular accompaniment

Countermelody – for voice or instrument

Click to enlarge the sample page in the photo gallery to the left or PRINT the sample page here.

Organize sheet music nicely with top-quality  Avery binders and Swingline three-hole punches and Avery page protectors.

In this sample, you will hear the enhanced piano accompaniment begin with the intro.  Voices singing melody join in on the first verse.  The countermelody is played on the higher end of the piano in the second verse.  This is an easy countermelody and could be played by one of the children.

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