“Nephi’s Courage”

This song really lends itself to role-play for introducing each verse before it is sung. Each verse tells a little story. A few simple costumes and props can help make the stories come alive.

The first verse tells the story of Nephi going back to Jerusalem to get the brass plates. The children portraying Laman and Lemuel could wear the type of headbands these brothers are often depicted wearing in Book of Mormon pictures. Nephi could wear a headband and wrist bands (he’s more special!). As the Music Leader or parent reads the words to the first verse, the chosen actors pantomime the actions. When the leader gets to the chorus, she asks, “What happens next?” and volunteers can supply the rest of the story.

The second verse, the story of building the boat, would be acted out again by Nephi, Laman and Lemuel (in similar costumes) as the Music Leader or parent reads the words. Again, at the chorus, she asks, “What happens next?”

The third verse is a little more complicated. It could involve one child holding a picture of Moses with the Ten Commandments (perhaps also the Gospel in Action and For the Strength of Youth booklets) and another child who turns and walks away from the first child at the line, “Sometimes I am tempted to choose another way.” The child who walks away would then portray being discouraged and unhappy until the line “I will be courageous and I will reply (as she walks back to the first child still holding the picture and booklets, symbolically choosing the right).” Again the Music Leader or parent asks, “What happens next?” and invites discussion.

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