Musical Memories at Family Reunions

Family reunion season is almost here, and in an article entitled “Orchestrating Family Memories” from the Dec 1992 Ensign, Michael F. Moody offers some great suggestions for preserving and establishing family musical traditions. Two suggestions particularly appropriate to family reunions are staging family musical festivals (talent shows) and preserving your family musical heritage.

Who doesn’t love a family talent show? Well, unless it goes on and on forever! If there are too many numbers for one sitting, perhaps doing the talent show in two parts… or limiting entries to a certain number per family… might be a good idea, but encouraging everyone’s musical efforts is one of the best things you can do for your family!

He also suggests preserving family memories by recording these events so that you can always remember Grandma singing her favorite song, or Todd’s favorite piano piece when he was 8.

Creating a family song, with family members contributing to the melody and lyrics, is another suggestion. You could also write your own family lyrics to a well-known tune, or just choose a favorite song that becomes the song you always sing at some point during your get-togethers.

Do any of you have other musical ideas that you have done at your family reunions?

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