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Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth #298 300x314Can Home Really Be a Heaven on Earth?

Is this an unrealistic suggestion?  Can our homes really be little pieces of heaven on earth?  What about the dirty dishes?  What about the clutter?  What about the fights and disagreements?  Is that heaven?

Husband and wife team, Carolyn (b. 1936) and Herbert Klopfer (b. 1936) found that a few people were skeptical of this hymn’s optimism.  “They criticized us for having the nerve to state a condition that is impossible in mortality,” said Herbert Klopfer.

“But,” Carolyn stated, “ I have come to realize that the words were given to me as a testimony that even under trying circumstances, I must never lose faith or give up hope in those who are part of my home.  Not all of my children may choose to remain faithful; yet I must continue to teach and show the way, providing loving moments when we work, play, and pray together.  I shall cherish these moments, though sometimes brief, when heaven is in my home.

“I shall feel the peace that comes from knowing that one sweet daughter, Alisa, who left our earthly home at the tender age of five years, has safely reached her heavenly home, leading the way where my family and I want to be worthy to stay.” (Our Latter-Day Hymns: Davidson)

Clearly, Brother and Sister Klopfer realize that their home and our homes will not be a continuous heaven on earth.  But there are moments, very precious moments, when they are – and that makes it all worthwhile.

It is a daily effort to create the type of environment in our homes that fosters heavenly moments.  This hymn reminds us in the first verse that love, kindness, charity, safety and security are all basic building blocks to that type of home.  The second verse talks about “drawing fam’ly near each week” in Family Home Evening lessons and family councils.  It also talks about service and parents leading the way in righteousness.  Verse three talks about praying daily, searching scriptures and singing hymns together.  These things draw us close in love and in testimony, knitting our hearts together as one loyal unit.

Yes, home can be a heaven on earth. It can be a place of security, filled with people who love us all the time even if they don’t always like us.  It can be a refuge from the world in these troubled times.  It can be a place where people will help us, support us and teach us by their good examples, a place where they never give up on us –  because we are family.  It can be a heaven to you, your favourite place to be.  It can be a place where we do achieve many precious moments of heavenly joy.

Listen to our Congregation Choir arrangement of HOME CAN BE A HEAVEN ON EARTH with organ, enhanced piano accompaniment and vocal countermelody.

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Listen to our Congregation Choir arrangement of HOME CAN BE A HEAVEN ON EARTH with organ, enhanced piano accompaniment and flute/violin countermelody.

Purchase it here.


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